Winter Train 3D Screensaver

Winter Train 3D Screensaver

Winter Train 3D Screensaver shows an animated scene when your computer is idle
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Winter Train 3D Screensaver will show you an animated scene when your computer becomes idle.
You will see winter mountain landscapes and an old steam train rolling into them, with a smoke column coming from the locomotive.

You can configure through the Windows´s Screen Saver Settings window the amount of time that your computer will wait to lunch the screensaver, and if it will show the logon screen on resume. Through the "Settings" button you will access Winter Train 3D Screensaver´s internal settings. There, you can select the video mode in which you want the screensaver to show, or let the system choose it automatically, by choosing the "Auto" option. You can also specify if you want the program to stop showing the animated screen when you move the mouse, or if you want it to display which FPS it is using. You can choose if you want to show a calendar, and in which day you prefer the weeks to start, and you can also select if you want it to show an analog or digital clock, with a 12 hour or 24 hour system, in small or big size.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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